When we decided to self-publish and use Kickstarter as our fundraising platform, we had no idea if it would work or not. But we had immense faith in our project and in our community of friends and family, and felt like it was the best way to go. We are beyond grateful for the support that we have received and we are really excited to be able to bring this book to life! 

Now comes the fun part (and the most work) - finishing all the illustrations and putting the book together. We have a 2-month schedule for illustration and part of the funds raised allows for focusing on only that for the next two months. Since we have an aggressive schedule for these, you will be seeing regular updates with the illustrations as they come together. Backers will be able to see the color studies that will turn into the final illustrations.

Then we go into production mode, getting the book ready for ePub formats, and sending out print-ready files for limited printed editions for our backers and for marketing. This should take most of July, and then we will start getting our rewards out!

So a very huge THANK YOU! We are making this book because of you! - Gina and Bill